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Founded by Metta World Peace and Jeremiah Cox, Investornaut is Working to Build a Better Universe for Everyone! Through our “Crowd Investment” fund-raising efforts, we seek to provide capital to create inspired solutions through technology for families and individuals.

Our first mission tackles the issue of kids spending too much time on digital screens. We add to that the ability for parents to incentivize their children to study, plan and save for the milestone events in their lives, like first car, Christian or humanitarian service volunteer work, honeymoon, first home etc.. From ending violence in schools, to helping single mothers have a reliable car, a safe place to live and raise their children — along the path to home ownership — Investornaut is building solutions that will shape lives for the better.

With your help, Investornaut WILL make the world a better place. If YOU have a project that will make the world a better place, we would love to hear about it!

Jeremiah Cox

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